2015 - 2021 Plan

The plan for Hodson Arnold Software Inc. is to repeat what has already worked well, on a larger scale.  In the next seven years we plan to grow from a private software company with real estate holdings and other investments, to a diversified group of companies of significantly greater value.

Step 1 - Course Correction  (2015 2017)

The company will start with an evaluation of promising American innovation hubs.  Simultaneously, plans for the relocation of the company headquarters will be formalized.  New intellectual property will be sold.  New resources from like-minded partners will bolster the war chest of a new operating company to be created, which will be owned by Hodson Arnold Software Inc.

Step 2 New Operating Company (2015 2021)

The new operating company will undertake advanced software R&D, taking advantage of both build and buy strategies.  Other new intellectual properties will be added to the asset base.  New companies and technologies will be acquired.  We will strive to improve on our impressive returns in real estate investment, as well.  The objective is to create a consolidated company of significant value attractive to multiple multinational corporate buyers, by December 31, 2021.