Our Intellectual Property (partial list)

These are examples of software that we developed in-house, and other indispensable proprietary IP packages that we have provided to our clients.


Patient Voice™

  • Personal health record

  • First of it’s kind in 2005

  • Improves treatment outcomes

  • Helps define policy obstacles

Multiple large scale corporate Microsoft Exchange Server

e-mail networks


  • Electronic health record

  • Microsoft requested in 2000

  • 300,000 patient USA private clinic

  • Doc transcription to full record

  • Workflow & collaboration

  • Data management

Apps for Microsoft Exchange Server & Outlook

  • Municipal historical maps

  • Engineering drawings library

  • Physician workflow & collaboration

  • Advanced manufacturing processes

  • Corporate apps (ie. Time Tracking; Expense Reporting; Change Requests; Travel Requests etc.)


Various R&D contributions

  • Online university courses

  • Proteomic LIM software

  • Grid computing


Apps for Canada & the Asia Pacific region


  • Eye on Asia

  • Pacific Information Exchange (PIE)